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It occurs to me that having my book widgets (look to your right) connect you straight to Amazon to buy myIndieBoundLogo_1Colorblack books implies–nay, insists–that Amazon is my vendor of choice. There are many marvelous things about Amazon–incredible choice, informative reviews, the lazy (emphasis on lazy) luxury of not having to leave the house to buy books (or, say, shower curtains or vitamins). There is also the fact that publishers track Amazon sales, which can be important for the life of the book and for reprints.

But there are many, many more marvelous things about your local independent bookseller, and your local library, that, to my mind outweigh the fraught gifts of Amazon: Intelligently curated recommendations that look beyond the big summer beach book, actual conversation with a (usually) nice person who loves books, often a cat who sleeps in the window.

As I scoured the web for some sort of tool that could help readers find my books at their local bookstore (and of course I shouldn’t forget Powell’s), I found a fantastic group called IndieBound, an organization of independent booksellers doing all sorts of innovative and interesting things … including creating a widget that will allow you to find your local indie bookstore! They already have an app for Iphone (which I’ve installed and love), and as soon as they have the store-finder widget up and running, I’ll put it at the top of this site’s sidebar. 

In the meantime, I’ve linked to the store-finder page on their site. So if you’d like to buy my books, and are not sure where your local bookstore is, please go to the top link on my sidebar. (If you have the flu, can’t move, and just really want the postman to bring them to you, I’m keeping up my Amazon widgets, too.)

There is much to say about the wonderfulness of your local library, but already this is the longest post I’ll ever have on this site (which is not a blog, thank you). But it’s an important subject, so please forgive my long-windedness.


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